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Venue - API reference

Lists event venues in Luxembourg.


  • An API key is needed


Name Description Variable name Possible values
Category the event categories category One or several category IDs out of the category list (multiple values seperated by ",")
Commune the event town communes commune One or several commune IDs out of the commune list (multiple values seperated by ",")



Name Description Variable name Possible values
ID ID of the venue id (mandatory) Integer
Title name of the venue title (mandatory) String
Pictures pictures of the event in several formats


  • original (max: 2000x2000px, scaled)
  • big (max: 650x650px, scaled)
  • thumb (400x300, cropped)
  • placeholder
  • copyright


  • String (URL)
  • String (URL)
  • String (URL)
  • Boolean
  • String
Postcode postcode of the venue


  • id

Other fields are accessible in full feed type mode.
Specifications are available on the API reference postcodes page.

  • town_name
  • postcode
  • country_name
  • country_code
Description DE German event description description_de HTML text
Description FR French event description description_fr HTML text
Description EN English event description description_en HTML text
Description LU Luxembourgish event description description_lu HTML text
Categories venue categories

categories (1 or 2 values, mandatory)

  • id
  • title_fr, title_de, title_en, title_lu
  • integer
  • string
Website link for more information of the venue website string (URL)
Contact email Public contact or support email addresses contact_email (multiple values) email address
Contact phone number Public contact or support phone number contact_phonenumber string
Date created Creation date of the venue


Date in format
    Date updated Last update of the venue date_updated Date in format


    Example file(s)