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Event - API reference

Lists upcoming events in Luxembourg.


  • An API key is needed
  • Minimum 1 filter parameter is mandatory


Name Description Variable name Possible values
Category the event categories category One or several category IDs out of the category list (multiple values seperated by ",")
Venue the event venues venue One or several venue IDs out of the venue list (multiple values seperated by ",")
Audience the event audiences audience One or several audience IDs out of the audience list (multiple values seperated by ",")
Commune the event town communes commune One or several commune IDs out of the commune list (multiple values seperated by ",")
Tags the event keywords tags One or several keywords (entered by the event creator as keywords)
Page page number of results page Page number ("full" feed type only)
First page = 0 (page=0)
"Full" feed type is limited to 800 events per page
Item per page number of results per page items_per_page 100,200,300,500 or 800 ("full" feed type only)



Name Description Variable name Possible values
ID ID of the event id (mandatory) Integer
Title name of the event title (mandatory) String
Subtitle subtitle of the event subtitle String
Pictures pictures of the event in several formats


  • original (max: 2000x2000px, scaled)
  • big (max: 650x650px, scaled)
  • thumb (400x300, cropped)
  • placeholder
  • copyright


  • String (URL)
  • String (URL)
  • String (URL)
  • Boolean
  • String
Event type type of the event event_type 1|Single or several dates
2|Regularly recurring event
3|Long or permanent event
Dates and timings
list of dates and timing of the event

dates_timing -> dates (multiple values possible, 1 mandatory)

  • from (mandatory)
  • to
Dates and timings in format
Dates and timings Rrule repeating rule of an recurring event dates_timing -> rrule Rrule format

Dates and timings
Opening hours

Opening hours in case of a long or permanent event

dates_timing -> opening_hours

  • monday
    • from
    • to
  • tuesday
    • from
    • to
  • ...
String (ex. 20:00)
Dates and timings
Exeptionnally closed
Dates on whiich the long or permanent event is closed dates_timing -> exceptionnally_closed (multiple values) Dates in format


list of venue IDs of the event

venues (multiple values)

  • id

Other fields are accessible in full feed type mode.
Specifications are available on the API reference venues page.

  • title
  • street
  • postcode : id, country_name, country_code,postcode,town
  • website
No fix location the event has no fix location no_fix_location Boolean
Prices entrance fees for the event


  • title (ex. standard, reduced, cat 1)
  • value
Free of charge no entrance fees for the event freeofcharge Boolean
Description DE German event description description_de HTML text
Description FR French event description description_fr HTML text
Description EN English event description description_en HTML text
Description LU Luxembourgish event description description_lu HTML text
Categories event categories

categories (1 or 2 values, mandatory)

  • id
  • title_fr, title_de, title_en, title_lu
  • integer
  • string
Audience event audience


  • id
  • title_fr, title_de, title_en, title_lu
  • integer
  • string
Tags keywords describing the event tags (multiple values separated by ",") string
Contact email Public contact or support email addresses contact_email (multiple values) email address
Contact phone number Public contact or support phone number contact_phonenumber string
Websites Websites of the event websites string (URL)
Online tickets Links to an online ticket shop

tickets_online (multiple values)

  • url
  • id
  • string (URL)
  • integer
Sales email address Sales email address for the event sales_email_address email address
Sales phone number Sales phone number for the event sales_phone_number string
Sales organisation Sales organisation for this event tickets_sold_by string
Sales website Link for more information sales_website string (URL)
Sales start date Ticket sales start date sales_start_date date format YYYY-MM-DD
Organizer Name of the organizer organizer string
Status Event status status string: scheduled, canceled or deleted